Monday, April 22, 2013

Over Two Years of Haunting the Mask!

I can't believe it has been over two and half years since the Masked Ghost began to haunt my imagination.

The day the ghostly voices began to whisper in my ear. The voices weren't of the pulp style hero himself, but of his family. In my head they told me that they were shocked to discover that their family member was actually a vigilante running through the streets of city. They had heard of the masked man that people had called a ghost, but they didn't even have a clue that he was related to them.

Then the voices spoke to me again. "He's dead."

They now told me that they had discovered his horrific secret when he died at their feet.

And that's when they told me they wanted their story told.

I listened to those voices and quickly made pages of notes about who they were and who the masked hero was. At the same time I was building a ghastly skeleton of a story outline.

All I really knew there at the beginning was that The Masked Ghost was dead and that The Masked Ghost had to live to haunt the evil of the city.

I just needed to figure out how to follow him.

Those who've been with me since the being will remember the first few chapter of "Revenge of the Masked Ghost" appeared on my own facebook page. Then I transferred it over here to blogger.

Now over two years later, the Masked Ghost has survived and the haunting voices of his family continue to whisper to me that there are more ghost stories to be told.

Do you want to read them? Are you ready to be haunted once more?

I am.

Kevin Paul Shaw Broden

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